Working in partnership

At London Development Trust (LDT) we work with developers who are looking to enhance their community provision.

This could include establishing and running a new Trust, delivering services, or providing consultancy on best practice. We work with developers to fulfil their obligations (for example section 106) and objectives.

Join the London Development Trust network

By joining the London Development Trust network, each local trust is able to focus on its own area, whilst benefitting from the expertise of the board and management team at LDT.

This approach means strategic responsibility sits with LDT, enabling a relationship which is much more than just a commercial service provider.

As part of this package we offer services including:

  • Support with business planning and development.
  • Full financial management including company accounts and compliance.
  • Access to a wide range of management and development expertise.
  • HR management including staff recruitment and employment.
  • Centralised procurement processes and ICT systems.
  • Shared core costs across the LDT network.
  • Affordable marketing, PR and communications.
  • Development of management plans and direct management of facilities.
  • Impact assessment and data monitoring.
  • Support establishing a local charity or Trust – creating grant and fundraising opportunities.

Building your bespoke package

London Development Trust offers a management package for local community centres and facilities, which includes:

  • Development and management of new facilities.
  • Board administration and support.
  • Recruitment and employment of staff.
  • Marketing, PR and communications.
  • Impact assessment and data monitoring.

We can also support additional services including:

  • HR support, including training, performance management and payroll arrangements.
  • Health and safety, risk management and quality assurance.
  • Procurement and ICT systems.
  • Financial services and treasury management.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Get in touch today so we can see how we can work together.

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