London Development Trust offers consultancy on a range of social stewardship and sustainability activities.

This could include establishing and running a new Trust, delivering social research, or providing consultancy on best practice.

Our team has over 30 years of experience in social sustainability, placemaking and regeneration in urban contexts.

We draw together practitioners and academics to offer a unique skillset, facilitating social change from grassroots to strategic levels. We work in collaboration to unlock the transformative power of communities and achieve social sustainability outcomes aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our consultancy support includes:

Community development and social stewardship is high on local authority and other’s agendas when deciding who to partner with on housing developments.

LDT can provide expert input to your teams’ bids to win new sites. With over 30 years of experience in community development on large regeneration sites, our staff can give your bid the edge when it comes to social stewardship planning.

We work closely with trusts, charities, and government to develop locally informed strategic plans that give space to communities and creatively shape the public realm and the built environment.  

We develop management plans that ensure long-term stewardship delivers a wide range of social, cultural, environmental, and economic benefits to residents. We can help you to achieve social sustainability indicators and to build socio-economic capacity in local areas.  

Active community involvement and participation in urban planning and placemaking are key factors that contribute to the sustained engagement and responsible stewardship of the public spaces and neighbourhoods. 

LDT is an expert in community consultation and involvement, ensuring that urban development and community projects involve those who will be affected by them and reach the people who need them the most. 

We can provide consultation on a range of engagement tools, from online surveys, to running events as well as intensive engagement projects, that enable local people to take part in consultations and influence placemaking.  

We can also conduct baseline studies to ensure your development takes on board community opinion and meets local needs. 

LDT has an experienced professional and academic research team that specialises in social research, human geography, and creative methodologies.  

We have wide-ranging experience conducting research within the voluntary, community, commercial and government sectors as well as with universities and artists in academic settings.  

We bring expertise and insight on topics including (but not limited to) cities, communities, networks, and infrastructures; social and cultural interrelations and superdiversity; urban space and place, including pop-up and meanwhile spaces; sustainability, responses to climate change, and human connections to the natural environment.  

We offer a robust and creative approach that draws on a suite of social science and arts-based methods. Methodologies we use range from longitudinal surveys to creative participatory workshops. We prioritise dissemination and ensuring the research we do has an impact. We work closely with policymakers, publics, and stakeholders to ensure research evidence can be understood and taken forward whether that be through reports, workshops, events, and exhibitions.  

We are professionals in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and we can evaluate your project from start to finish or provide guidance on how to develop your monitoring plan or Theory of Change.

LDT can provide consultancy on the design of community facilities, including neighbourhood centres and co-working spaces. 

We can work with architects and designers to provide insights into the day-to-day running of a centre. This means facilities not only look good but, are hard-wearing and sustainable. 

We can also provide advice on business plans, income generation and expenditure costs. 

Our finances are based on real community centres already running on large-scale regenerations. 

LDT offers one-to-one consultancy services on a range of community development and social stewardship services and projects, delivered by one of our experts. 

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